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What Do Industry Experts Look for When Pricing a Vintage Watch Online?

What Do Industry Experts Look for When Pricing a Vintage Watch Online?

Are you looking to sell an antique watch? Antique watch buyers are plentiful but they are not created equally. Some will give you the maximum price for your vintage watch while others are more about making all the quick cash they can at your expense. Find out what antique watch dealers go by when making an offer and what you can do to raise your chances of selling at an optimal price.

Online antique watch buyers generally are upright but you do have to research the individual or company you are thinking of doing business with. Failure to do so can be extremely problematic.

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Luxury Watch Buyers vs. Antique Watch Buyers


Luxury watch buyers and antique watch buyers don’t necessarily belong in the same category. Luxury watch buyers deal with upscale watches, typically, and buy and sell antique watches as well as modern ones while antique watch buyers aren’t limited to luxury watches but do specialize in vintage ones. It’s important to know which type of dealer your professional antique watch dealers are or luxury watch buyers are so you get the most return for your treasure.

What Professional Antique Watch Buyers Consider in Offering Their Buying Price


There are a number of considerations that go into what an antique watch dealer is willing to pay for your piece. One thing is the current market. If the price of gold is down, your offer will likely be less than if it is up. In addition, if many people are selling their antique watches, the demand is not as high and you won’t get as good of a return as you will if antique watch dealers are experiencing a low number of people looking to sell antique watches.

Another factor is that is considered is the age of the vintage watch. Along with the age of it is what was going on during that particular era. A watch that also holds history in the time period is worth more than one made during a lull time, generally. Likewise, a piece with a story of significance that can be proven is worth more than one with no history attached. For instance, if the watch was a gift from Abraham Lincoln to the original owner, of course it will bring a pretty penny.

Quality and Condition a Prime Consideration of Antique Watch Buyers

The amount and quality of precious metals the watch is made from plays a big role in the price antique watch dealers will pay you. If the piece has high quality gold that is also vintage from a historical era with a verifiable story attached, you are going to be well-paid if you are dealing with a reputable antique watch buyer. That scenario also allows you the option to deal with luxury watch buyers because of the high quality.

Educate Yourself on the Antique Watch Buyers Market


The more you know about the antique watch dealers industry and what the ins and outs of antique watch dealers and luxury watch buyers are, the more return you will most likely get on your vintage watch. It is worth picking the brains of antique watch buyers by reading online articles and studying the factors they consider when you sell your antique watch so you can do anything possible to get more money for your piece such as researching the history or having the quality of your watch looked into.

The best online antique watch buyers are professional antique watch buyers that operate on a strict code of integrity and have years of experience and stellar reviews. Those that don’t are not worth taking a risk on so choose with care.

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