Watch Price Guide: Learn to Know the Value of Your Vintage Watch!

Antique watches, whether pocket watches or wrist watches, are often beautifully crafted and handed down through generations of family members. They can be treasured family heirlooms. Sometimes the time comes when family members decide to place antique watches for sale because they need the money or simply because the watch doesn’t hold the same sentimental value for the new owner. There are always plenty of certified watches buyers who are looking for high quality pieces to buy. Some people invest in watches to resell them. If you are looking to sell or buy an antique watch, you will need to understand its value. In this article, we will offer a guide to understanding the value of vintage watches.

Start with a free antique watch appraisal

One of the most important first steps you can take is to look for antique watch dealers who will offer a free antique watch appraisal. Reputable dealers have knowledge of the different factors that determine the value of your watch. If you are looking for an antique pocket watch appraisal (or an antique wrist watch appraisal) they are the one to speak to. Most dealers will do a free antique watch appraisal and give you a basic idea of the price certified watches buyers will be willing to pay for your watch.

How to determine the value of antique watches for sale

There are a number of factors that determine the value of any antique watch. Certified watch buyers will keep these factors in mind when determining what they are willing to pay for your watch. You will want to research your watch. The brand of watch and the age are important elements of its value. There are many price guides, such as the Complete Price Guide to Watches by Cooksey Shugart, Tom Engle, and Richard E. Gilbert, available to consult. Antique watch dealers can also help you determine what you watch is worth based on its brand and age.

Another crucial factor that effects the value of your antique watch is the condition. Naturally, a watch that is in pristine condition will be worth more than one that is dinged or cracked. If you look at anyplace there are antique watches for sale, you will notice that they are in various conditions and the better preserved ones are worth more. One thing you can do is have your watch repaired and cleaned prior to selling it. Many antique watch dealers can help with cleaning a watch and preparing it for sale.

Where to find Antique Watches for Sale

When you have decided to sell, there are two avenues open to you. You can sell it or you can pawn it. Pawning it at a pawn shop could be the way to go if you want to potentially buy back your watch by repaying the loan the broker gives you. If you simply want to sell your watch, antique watch dealers can help you find a buyer. At we are the best antique watch dealers in the business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you sell your vintage watch at the best possible price. Contact us today to sell your watch for a great price.

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