The Historical & Crafting Elegance Of Brand Piaget

Great ideas are enhanced by history in order to win victory. The majority of the businesses are legendary achievers from their respective eras. One of the well-known brands, Piaget Polo S, has established itself among the world’s top watchmakers. This company’s prominent position has left an elegant mark on the history books of leading horologists (watchmakers). People love to decorate their wrists with Piaget watches because they are so gorgeous and unique.

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History of independent business of Piaget family


The story begins here, in the year 1874, when Piaget first appears in the world of fashion. Georges-Edouard Piaget’s desire to develop a business creating magnificent timepieces was fueled by his desire to be the best watchmaker.

When he was quite young, Georges-Edouard Piaget wanted to open his first workshop on his family’s farm. For the family maison, excellence in work and devotion proved to be a win-win situation.

Official Announcement Of The Brand Name

When, in 1991, Piaget handed the firm to Timothee Piaget and Georges-Edouard’s son. They transformed the firm to be the creator of advanced & luxury watches.

Finally, in 1943, the company known by the popular trademark Piaget & Co. was born. After two years of successful launch, the company opened a new manufacturing firm in La Cote-aux-Fees, Switzerland.

Exponential growth in the business

In 1957, he brought out the Caliber 9P model, and accepted the challenge of manufacturing the world’s first super-thin hand-movement timepieces. Then, in 1960, the company launched the Caliber 12P model, which achieved a positive outcome and got placed in the Guinness Book of Records.

From 1957 to 2014, there were several wonderful wristwatches and pocket watches created by Piaget’s industry.

In 1964, the work of precious stones like Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst, were embedded on the inner dial surface. The most elegant creation of this brand took place in the hearts and minds of the people. Apart from these, many more collections were launched which were so beautiful and attractive.

When Piaget merged with the other group


In 1988, Richemont purchased the manufacturing of Maison after several new collections were launched and explored worldwide. The profession was merged into one collection called “black tie.” The successful business took its position as the best watchmaker in the world.

Something interesting to know about the work of Piaget


• The elegance and style of these watches are exquisitely designed.This craftsmanship is clearly seen in the work of horologists (watchmakers).

• The materials used for creating timepieces are very standard and advanced. The fusion of rose gold, gemstones, and high-grade stainless steel materials is alluring and fascinating.

• The ultra-thin and light-weight items of this brand are very easy to wear and carry.

• The material’s rigidity, which allows it to be used for an extended period of time.The quality of the brand is very standard and durable.

• Whatever the occasion is, these lovely pieces can be worn. The miniature crafting done on the pieces is so attractive and elegant to wear.

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