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Five Things to Know Before Buying and Selling a Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

Five Things to Know Before Buying and Selling a Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are awesome. They are also expensive which is why some people elect to buy them second-hand. Others opt to sell a luxury watch if they’re in a pinch, are looking to make a profit, or simply get tired of owning the watch.


Five Pieces of Expert Advice from Luxury Watch Buyers




Here are some tips from the pros that will help you when you go to sell luxury watches.

  1. Know what you’ve got. When you sell your luxury watch, you’ll want to be aware of what it’s comprised of. Is it 14K gold? Does it have diamonds on it?
  2. Know how old it is. If your luxury watch is vintage, find out exactly how old it is. Antique luxury watch buyers are interested in the age of your piece since that will help to determine the value of it.
  3. Know the era. Your luxury watch may be a modern piece, but if it’s vintage, when you sell your vintage watch, it’s helpful to research what era it is from. Luxury watch buyers who specialize in antique versions place special emphasis on certain eras such as the Civil War era and so forth.
  4. Be aware of the condition. The condition of your luxury watch is ultra-important to a luxury watch buyer. If it needs repair, you may want to consider having it fixed before attempting to sell it to a dealer.
  5. Keep it clean. It is worth spending the time and effort to clean your watch until it is spic and span. Luxury watch buyers don’t pay as much attention to pieces that are dirty and grimy as they do those that sparkle and shine.


Where to Find a Luxury Watch Buyer


Where you sell your luxury watch has a lot to do with how you prefer to go about it. If you are wanting to sell in person, it’s best to go with a local buyer. To find one near you, simple conduct an online search for “luxury watch buyers near me” or, if your watch is not an antique, search for “watch buyers near me.”

Many people like the simplicity of selling online. If you are one of them, you can search for online luxury watch buyers. Do be careful because the internet is a hunting ground for some crooked people who pose reputable luxury watch buyers.

Regardless of whether you are looking for “luxury watch buyers near me” or online, do your research on any firm or individual you intend to do business with. Check their credentials, length of time online or in their physical store, see if they have BBB complaints against them, and by all means, read the feedback reviews on their site and third-party sites as well.

Once you have narrowed down a few of your favorite luxury watch buyers, make contact with them. If you are treated rudely or feel pressured, move on. The remaining candidates are those you’ll want to do business with. Get several appraisals on your watch and then, if you choose to sell, go for it.

Watch Out


Buying and selling luxury watches is becoming more popular than ever. Not all buyers and sellers are trustworthy however. The excellent suggestions from the experts that are lined out above will help keep you safe when you are selling your luxury watch. If you are buying a vintage luxury watch, you can follow the same tips. Doing so will help ensure your experience is a pleasant and perhaps even profitable one.

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