Value of Vintage Watches: Factors to Determine Value of Vintage Watches

If you’re looking to sell your vintage watch, you’ll want to become familiar with the industry and the practices that determine what antique watch buyers pay for the pieces. Knowing the facts can help you get the most from local watch buyers and to find the best antique watch buyers online and in other locations as well.

Why Sell Vintage Watches


If you have inherited one or more vintage watches, you may want to sell it so you have cash rather than a watch. Or, you may be a collector who is selling out your collection or maybe you buy and sell to local watch buyers and want to make sure you are getting a fair price in comparison to the best antique watch buyers across the nation. Whatever the case, it will behoove you to learn as much as you can about antique watch buyers and the industry of buying and selling antique watches.


How to Sell Vintage Watch


There are several options you will have when you decide to sell vintage watch collection or a single piece. You can go to a local antique watch buyer so you can do business in person. The advantage to doing business in person is that it is faster and in many ways, more secure. If you elect to do so, be sure to find the best local watch buyer in your area by comparing credentials, reviews, and by meeting with a representative in person. It is imperative to trust the vintage watch dealer you are electing to do business with.


Some of the best antique vintage watch buyers can be found online. You’ll need to be extra careful if you are doing business this way, however, because it is easy to get ripped off since you are not eye-to-eye with the buyer. Never let go of your watch before you have money in your bank or whatever financial method you are using. Photos take the place of the buyers seeing your watch in person so be sure to have the best pictures of your watch available to barter.


You can also opt to take your vintage watch to an online or in person auction. The advantage to doing business this way is you are likely to get the best price because you’ll have more than one vintage watch buyer competing to purchase your watch. You may encounter fees so be prepared to deduct any cost from the profit you will reap.


Another option is to sell on an online platform such as eBay or any of the other popular sites that deal in antiques. You will be responsible for shipping the watch to your customer and also for paying any fees that are charged by the platform. You will need to be familiar with the price your item should sell for and will need to create an attractive listing for it as well.


Best Antique Vintage Watch Buyers


The best antique vintage watch buyers can be found in many sources including online and in brick and mortar locations. Flea markets and yard sales are other places local watch buyers can be sought. The best antique watch buyers are reputable and trustworthy with longevity in business. You’ll be able to spot trustworthy local watch buyers and the best antique watch buyers online when you sell your vintage watch because they will have an online and/or community presence coupled with raving reviews and credentials. They will give you fair market price for your piece and will treat you with integrity and respect. Once you find the best vintage watch dealer, you’ll have an avenue for any future pieces you’d like to sell or a trusted place to buy a vintage watch which is priceless.


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