Antique Watch Repair- Discover About the Common Watch Problems

Do you own an ancient watch that is kept in a closed case and isn’t working? So, what are you thinking? Throw it away? Oh please! Don’t do this. Even the older timepieces can be repaired.

Yes! Mechanical watches are quite complex to repair. As a result, these difficult jobs should only be performed by professionals who are well-versed in how to service such vintage pieces like a pro! A reliable watch repair service is the best-ever option to get your non-working precious piece working again.

Scroll down to learn about the issues that arise and which parts of your timepiece require service…

What are the top 7 problems in antique or vintage watches?

If you’re trying to repair your watch on your own, it’s a bad idea! Because without proficiency in timepiece servicing, you can damage other parts as well. Eventually, you’ll find nothing but waste your time. Take the piece to an authorized shop that offers watch repair service nearby.

They can easily repair it and determine what is wrong with it. After all, these time-telling machines are made to be worn on a daily basis, which makes you look elite and classy.

So, here are some of the most common issues which are seen in vintage Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and other branded mechanical watches.

1. Damaged barrels and mainsprings
2. Non-working batteries
3. Missing stones, crown, or winding stem
4. Damaged gaskets
5. Ripped or frayed bands
6. Broken chain
7. Damaged wheel assembly

So, these are the issues that make an old watch of no use. But fortunately, they can be easily repaired and come back with a brand new look and proper functioning.

A useful Info!

These are the most common minor flaws in a vintage timepiece. But there’s a service called “OVERHAUL.” A watch is maintained from start to finish. For example, your watch will be calibrated, dismantled, polished, cleaned, repaired, and reassembled.

To avoid such problems, this is a full watch service called overhauling that should be performed once a year or in every six months.

How do I find a trusted and honest antique watch repair shop?

To begin this search, you should first ask your friends and family, if they might know about an authorized shop. It is important to find a trusted one because dishonest ones can replace the original materials with fake ones. So to avoid such issues, you should only believe in professional shops that are certified, have positive reviews, and have years of experience.

For over 50 years, Antique Watch Buyers has provided accurate and dependable watch repair service. You can visit us and get your watch repaired quickly and effectively.

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