History Presents a Unique Story Behind the Success of Rolex Watches

Every Rolex has a story to tell.” The Rolex brand’s strong foundation in the market is described by the art of being unique and classy. Rolex is so well-known that it will never go out of style or be forgotten.

The merging of gemstones on the piece of any vintage watches demonstrates its market exclusivity. The invention of Rolex watches excites everyone’s curiosity about what the latest innovation would bring. Rolex-live for greatness is the brand’s catchphrase, which represents living life in elegance and fashion.


A Rolex isn’t Just A Timepiece, It’s Also A Piece of History

The important question that arises here is, who is the genius mind behind the crafting of beautiful watches? The founder of the company is Hans Wilsdorf, who invented Rolex in 1905 at the age of 24. The first customized watch debut took place in London, with a variety of distinctive styles. It holds the distinction of being the market’s oldest Swiss wrist watch manufacturer. Here’s some background on the Rolex corporation.

The First Launch of Watches in The Market


In 1905, the first wristwatch was launched with a collection of silver watches with leather belts for both men and women. This collection explored the beauty and elegance of these items in people’s minds and hearts. Back-to-back orders were placed, and then the gold watches were released and distributed around the world.

The Popular Trademark, i.e., The Brand Name


The company’s name was registered in 1908, and the official center in Switzerland was established. The name ‘Rolex’ was chosen as the company’s name, and it became a fashion icon in the world of watchmaking.

After attempting numerous combinations of letters, Hans Wilsdorf said that a genie whispered ‘Rolex’ in his ears one day, when he was just walking on the street of London. This name became a wonderful influence on the fashion industry despite the fact that it has no meaning in English.

The Origins of The Rolex Movement


The company’s most important and successful journey began in 1919, when Wilsdorf relocated from London to Geneva, Switzerland, which is still the company’s current headquarter. It was the first company to be awarded best and distinctive design with an elegant look for producing timepieces.

Why choose Rolex?

  • Design and appearance are fascinating

The crafting of Rolex watches is done gracefully and embedding of precious gemstones shows the uniqueness of these watches. The gold, silver polish, and diamonds engraved on the surface of the timepiece tells about the beauty of the item.

  • It consists of multiple dials and features

The unique feature of the Rolex design comes from the multiple dials which talk about the various information contained therein. Apart from time, it also shows the date and day with more features. The multiple dial feature exceeds the value of the watch and its standards too.

  • Rigid and durable quality

The toughness of Rolex watches is very strong with less unbreakable quality. Its rigidity tells you about the high quality materials used in creating watches. It can be used and worn for years without getting faded and old.

Models Manufactured By The Watchmakers of Rolex


Classical watches


  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  • Datejust
  • Submariner
  • Sky-Dweller

Professional watches


  • Cosmograph Daytona
  • Sea-Dweller
  • Milgauss
  • Explorer

Identification of the originality of Rolex watches


  • The first way to tell if a Rolex watch is genuine is to look for a seller, who is trustworthy and has a solid reputation in the market. Investigate the shop and the seller thoroughly.
  • luxury watches are composed of high-quality metals, which are supposed to be the real identification, the weight of the watch symbolizes the watch’s originality.
  • The most significant, but often overlooked, the crown logo, which serves as a red signal for fake Rolex watches. The lack of printing of the crown logo indicates that the watch is fake.
  • Big date with model number and serial stamps on the dial tells about the real identification of Rolex watches.

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