5 Essential Tips for Appraising Your Vintage Watch to Maximize Its Value

Why do professionals always recommend sellers to appraise their vintage watches before finalizing the deal? You must have heard it too. Right? However, evaluating luxury watches has untold benefits that make your investment worth it while also earning lots of million dollars in the process.

People who are well aware of the process are already reaping the benefits. What about you? When you will? Before selling antique watches, you need to go through 5 essential tips of appraisal, not to regret later about the decision you took in a hurry & without any research.

5 must-know tips to maximize your old watch value with appraisal

What is appraisal? An appraisal is a process in which luxury watch buyers quote prices for vintage timepieces. In this process, you’ll learn such things your grandparents never told you about.

History, origin, horologist, rarity, & quality are all uncovered in an evaluation session. Such discoveries are enough to examine the accurate price of a Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, other branded watches.

Below are the tips to get most of your inherited timepiece…

1. Comprehensive description of your vintage watch

As mentioned above, whenever you’re getting your precious piece appraised. Give yourself a reminder about receiving all information about what makes your piece highly valuable or less valuable. This info makes your task easier & simpler to find the right price.

Additionally, this is also applicable for you when you’re getting appraisal online. You have to send a photograph with a complete description about the item in order to obtain a good return.

2. HD photography is a must!

This point is for the one who is dealing digitally. Whenever you visit a watch dealer’s website, you can see they ask for a high quality photograph of each edge of the piece. This makes it easier to examine the right price. Therefore, if your photographs are not clear to them you cannot receive an accurate price.

3. Appraisal tax/cost

Few shops have a sales tax for providing appraisal sessions & few of them offer free appraisal without any hidden charges. It’s up to you and your dealer’s policies, how they offer their services. Furthermore, when evaluation is proposed without any sales taking place, then the buyer can cost a sales tax & when the sales is taking place, it’s not fair to charge for the valuation session.

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4. Knowledge of current market trends

Antique watch buyers when they offer valuation for the watch, they must have knowledge about the hottest trend in the watch industry. Also, they must be aware about the timepiece model’s current market price. Staying up-to-date about market trends is a green flag you’re dealing with the right person.

5. 2-3 appraisal takes you to the right deal

Yes, we usually think that one valuation is fine to receive the best price. But, as professionals, we would never suggest you to only go for one session.

Take 2-3 watch appraisal and then seek which one serves your needs better & offer you the great prices. And finally! that’s where you can get settled!

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