4 Luxurious Vintage Watches That are Worth Collecting

As we all know, timepieces from the past and those invented by major manufacturers will continue to exist and be intricate. Everyone in today’s modern generation still crave for ancient creations. We, your local antique watch appraisers, are talking about retro-era watches that are still popular that you should start collecting them. Whether you want keep it in your treasure chest or sell it, you will definitely be fortunate to get profit from these valuable objects.

Let’s find out those highly trending vintage timepieces, which when found can make you elite.

#1 Omega Speed Master: An Unparalleled Elegance

This opulent timepiece was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph. It was invented in the era of 70s or 80s. However, several different models of speed master have been invented till date, and are still popular. You can find this model of timepiece and deal with it to get the maximum profit. The range of prices for the Omega Speed master 70s and 80s models are between $2,000–$4,000.

#2 Breitling Navitimer & Top Time: The navigator and self-expression

These Navitimer Breitling timepieces from the 1960s feature a high-tech navigation system that calculates the execution of flight plans effectively. And, with its magnificence appearance, the Top Time was designed to give you a sense of self-bonding. These pieces are now rare to be find, and if you find one, you are definitely fortunate. The price range of this timepiece is $1500-$2500.

#3 Panerai: Passion for the Sea

If you come across any models of this brand, you’re luck is with you. It is because between 1938 and 1993, Panerai produced only 300 timepieces, exclusively for the Italian Marina Military. This brand’s timepieces are still hard to find, even after the brand came back to life in the 1990s. Only 1,000 were produced between 1993 and 2000. We’ve seen over many years of doing business in luxury watch appraisal that vintage Panerai watches are difficult to obtain at any time due to their limited production.

#4 Rolex Tudor Submariner: The Oyster Prince

Tudor was produced in 1950s with innovative feature of movements which in price compared with its famous Rolex Caliber 390 model. At that moment, the Tudor was an affordable watch to be created by Hans Wilsdorf. However, in the modern era, this timepiece has surpassed all others in terms of accuracy. Our antique watch valuation process has always resulted in such pieces being quoted at the highest profit. And, if you’ve got one, you can get top dollars for this beautiful time-telling machine.

Therefore, we have also evaluated many other luxury pieces in antique watch appraisal sessions and found there are more different watch models from other big brands that were limited edition and have a sky-high value for their historical presence. But these four are the top models to be discovered in the retro-era and define true watchmaking craftsmanship.

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